LIVE 13 Digital Album Available


we've been silent for some time, but that doesn't mean kauanmusic is doing nothing. we are working hard to turn our busy musical schedule into reality, and you'll hear the results of this effort soon. for today, though, we are happy to deliver the album you've been asking about for a long time: high resolution audio from our recent official concert video LIVE 13, carefully mixed and mastered on tape. GET IT HERE


New EP with Marja Mattlar, Kohti


today is a big day for me and for Marja Mattlar. the pre-order for our collaboration EP Kohti is now online. there are several reasons to celebrate. for one thing, it's the first release that positions me as an independent composer. second - i wrote an intro and arranged the whole thing for a legendary Finnish folk singer, and what can be cooler than that? the release date is set for the first day of winter.

you can pre-order Kohti right now, listen to the first single "Kuokkavieras" and share your thoughts.