new album KAIHO | this autumn


You know what all bands say about their new albums? "It will be amazing", "Best music I’ve ever done", "It will be experimental", "We'll take a totally different approach" and so on? Well, that's exactly what I'm saying, too, but it’s completely true. This is a new circle in KAUAN’s life. We’ve been slowly walking through the genres of music, and now I feel we are coming to a destination. If you're an open-minded person who loves eclectic, ambient, wide sound and simplicity (well, you are, because there are no hardcore Slayer fans here, right? haha) - you're going to love it. To me, it sounds like a very mature and comprehensive sequel to our 2009 album Aava tuulen maa. And yeah, it will have a totally different sound because we've taken on a new approach - "less is more" - and it will be recorded with very old-school methods (most of the sounds will be sculpted before tracking and there will be almost no digital processing). Also, it will be mixed and mastered in new places with new ears and a new musical vision.


Helengard - Firebird Out Now!


[RELEASE] New album "Firebird" by my side folk metal project HELENGARD is OUT NOW! It is available through all digital stores and you can stream it in full in Spotify and Bandcamp!

"Firebird, draws from a variety of folkish influences. The slow, somber gravitas found in some of their passages is reminiscent of Finnish folk metal legends Moonsorrow, while the folk instruments and jauntier melodies offer a romantic echo of the Steppes themselves" - Invisible Oranges


High Quality Live Show Audio


You’ve been asking for this and here you go: audio from our live show in February 2016, which has been captured on video and available on our YouTube channel, is now available as separate audio release in 44.1/24-bit for free / name-your-price! Enjoy!


FELD Design


Dear listener, we are happy to start a huge wave of updates today! Please welcome the new members of KAUAN's art team and the curators for all new visuals including our new album - FELD | studio for digital crafts, the team behind layouts for Nils Frahm, Ólafur Arnalds and A Winged Victory For The Sullen releases.


New Live Video - Pirut and Sorni Nai


In February, 26th of 2016, KAUAN played a solo concert at MonteRay Live Stage in Kiev, Ukraine. Two albums, Pirut and Sorni Nai, were performed in their entirety. We tried to capture this evening as vivid as possible. Take a sit, burn your favourite incense stick, help yourself a glass of finest whiskey and enjoy our first official live performance.